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©2010 Bungalow Farm Angora

IAGARB Yarn Co-Op Participants have found the yarn irresistible to fiber enthusiasts. The members below have yarn available for sale. You can contact them for either the Angora Blizzard, a fingering weight yarn in an 85% angora/15% wool blend, or the Angora Frost, a sock wt. yarn that is a 50% Angora, 30% nylon, and 20% Superwash wool blend.

New!  We now have a luxuriously soft angora merino blend Pencil Roving!  This is really fun stuff. Excellent for felting, but with care (it has almost no twist) it can used for knitting and weaving.  Comes in 5 oz. cakes.  Shown in the photo is the pencil roving along with a Scribble Lace Scarf felted by Leslie Samson.

Angora Pencil Roving and Scibble Lace Scarf by Leslie Samson ©2011










IAGARB Silver Blizzard Yarn


Another product we have just added is the IAGARB Silver Blizzard Yarn.  A gorgeous blend of  85% Black German angora and 15% silver grey Cormo fleece. The Cormo fleece was hand picked from Sue Reuser’s champion Cormo flock in Northern California. This yarn is 100% North American raised and spun!


Our socks from the same Angora Frost blend. These luscious and luxurious socks are wonderfully soft, warm and washable.  See below for members who have socks available for sale.

©2010 Bungalow Farm Angora

Molly Golter
The Hare’s Hair Angoras
Hermiston, Oregon Gail Smith
purple4molly@yahoo.com Windsor Farms Rabbitry
Yarn Available Oregon
Erin Maclean Yarn Available
Bungalow Farm Angoras
California Susan Wiley
angora@bungalowfarm.com Michigan
Full line of Yarn, Pencil Roving and Socks Available sjwiley@lycos.com
Yarn, Pencil Roving, and Socks Available
Margie Brandon
Raspberry Farm Angoras
Southern Oregon Cindy Johnson
margie@raspberryfarmangoras.com Washington
Yarn Available cindys_art@msn.com
Yarn and Socks Available
Leslie Samson
Samson Angoras Rosalie Truong
Ontario, Canada N3T-5L4 Exquisitely Angora
lbsamson@bserv.com Missouri
Yarn, Pencil Roving, and Socks Available fuzzme@angorayarn.com
Yarn and Socks Available
 Catherine Fulbright

Eugene, Oregon


Yarn, Pencil Roving available