District 1 Breeders


Birdsnest Fibers
Purebred German Angora rabbits and fiber available
Kirkland, WA
ingallslj [at] hotmail [dot] com



Cindy’s Treasures
German Angora and German Angora Hybrids from new import bloodlines.
Occasional raw fiber by the ounce in white and colored.
Vancouver, Washington
cindys_art [at] msn [dot] com



Fulbright Fibers
IAGARB Registered German Angoras
Angora Black, Agouti and Tort fleece available
Fiber and Fiber blends including Mohair and Wool from Shetland Sheep
Breeding Stock
Eugene, Oregon
fulbrightfibers [at] gmail [dot] com


The Fuzzy Vaughn Farm
We raise quality German Angoras
Located in Southern Washington
FuzzyVaughns [at] gmail [dot] com



The Hare’s Hair Angoras
Molly Golter – Hare raiser
Raising German and German Hybrid Angoras
Quality fiber and other fiber products
Hermiston, Oregon
purple4molly [at] yahoo [dot] com



Mountain Top Rabbitry
German Angoras
Whitehall, Montana
mackenzi [at] wildblue [dot] net


Our Gang Fiber Farm
German Angora Rabbits and fibers available! We also have Angora Goat Mohair fiber and fleeces!
Birdsview, Washington
lauramfft28 [at] gmail [dot] com


Raspberry Farm Angoras
Angora Fiber & Yarn
Hand Knitted Items
Fiber Workshops
Southern Oregon
am-brandon [at] msn [dot] com

Whispering Pines Fiber Farm
Pedigreed Breeding Stock available
Prime Fiber available in natural colors of Black, Wild Agouti, Blue Chinchilla, Chocolate, Fawn, Torte, and White
Custom Fiber Blends to include any of the following in natural colors: white or gray Mohair, all colors of Alpaca, and white or black Merino Sheep
LeAnn Hall
Nampa, Idaho
WhisperingPinesFiberFarm [at] Yahoo [dot] com


Windsor Farms Rabbitry

Angora blend fibers
Angoralady [at] aol [dot] com