District 7 Breeders

Backwoods Angora
New Ipswich, New Hampshire


Basketful of Bunnies
Michaele Bailey
German Angora bunnies, angora yarn, fiber, hats
Levant, Maine


Handall House Farm
Michael & Carolee Tumolo
German Angora Rabbits and Angora Fiber

Dayville, Connecticut


Hillside Rabbitry & Fibers
Penny Rice
We raise white German angora rabbits for quality, wool production, and temperament. Most of our rabbits are IAGARB registered or in the registration process. We have registered adults for sale, as well as, juniors and kits. We have angora yarns and fiber available.
Holden, Maine

Keiser Angoras

Donald and Katherine Keiser

Woodland Wings and Wool
Raising German Angoras.
Raw fiber available.
Upton, MA