District 8 Breeders

Keeping Traditions
German Angoras, including recent import lines; German Angora Cross & Hybrids. Angora wool, roving & yarn, sometimes llama roving. Handmade soap.
info [at] keepingtraditions [dot] net

Moonbeam Angoras
High quality German Angoras and German Hybrids in albino, black, tortoiseshell, and fawn.  East and west coast bloodlines.  Raw fiber and roving in natural colors and blends.

Susan Wiley, Wiley Woolies
Purebred German Angora rabbits from recently imported stock, angora wool, blends, felt batting, angora yarn, felted and knitted finished goods.
wileywoolies [at] yahoo [dot] com


Tug Bunny Woolery and Fiber Arts
German and French angoras; raw angora wool, hand dyed angora and blended yarn, crochet, knit, tatted and and woven goods

Akron, Ohio