Sample Shearing Certificate

Sample Shearing Certificate

Download these two shearing certificates for easy printing.

Member Shearing Certificate

IAGARB Shearing Cert. Vet Template

If you want to make your own, use this template when creating your own shearing certificate. Shearing certificates are needed to verify that a rabbit was shorn 91 days prior to judging for registration.  Please designate whether this is a testing for Registration or a Wool Test.
Angora Rabbitry
139 Anywhere Street
Anytown, CA, 99999

I, __John Doe__, am a member in good standing of the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (I.A.G.A.R.B.).


I, Dr. ___John Doe___, am a veterinarian at Anytown Veterinarian Hospital.
I hereby certify that the following rabbit(s) were sheared in accordance with the I.A.G.A.R.B. regulations on January 16th, 2008, and can be tested for registration on April 17th, 2008:

Name Tattoo Number
Angora’s Fluffy CA2-2.3.7
Angora’s Cottonball CA2-1.2.7

John Doe
I.A.G.A.R.B. Member Number CA1 or Veterinarian Lic. Number

Please don’t forget to mail a copy of your shearing certificate along with a copy of your signed pedigree to the IAGARB Registration Secretary at:

PO Box 19782
Sacramento, CA 95819-0782



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