IAGARB Color Guide Photo Submission Guidelines

IAGARB Photo Submission Guidelines


Quality, high-resolution photos of colored purebred German angoras are needed for the IAGARB Color Guide in the following colors:


  • Black
  • Dilute Black (aka Blue)
  • Brown
  • Dilute Brown (aka Lilac)
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Dilute Black Tortoiseshell (aka Blue Tort)
  • Brown Tortoiseshell
  • Dilute Brown Tortoiseshell (aka Lilac Tort)
  • Agouti
  • Dilute Black Agouti (aka Opal or Blue Agouti)
  • Brown Agouti
  • Dilute Brown Agouti (aka Lynx or Lilac Agouti)
  • Chinchilla
  • Dilute Black Chinchilla (aka Squirrel or Blue Chinchilla)
  • Brown Chinchilla
  • Dilute Brown Chinchilla (aka Lilac Chinchilla)
  • Yellow (aka Red, Fawn)
  • Albino


Front and side view photos are needed in each color of:

  • newborn kits
  • 10-day old kits when coats begin to grow in
  • juvenile rabbits 3 months old
  • juvenile rabbits 6 months old
  • adult rabbits


Each contributor must be a current member in IAGARB and be the owner of the rabbit in the photo(s) they submit. The rabbit in the photo must also be free of disqualifications and eliminations—especially non-synchronized coats and foreign spots.


When taking photos of your rabbit(s), please use a matt black background for all colors except black. For black rabbits, please use a white background. So that IAGARB can recognize members for their contributions, please include your name, member ID number and rabbit’s name, age and tattoo number with each photo.


Submit photos to:  Erin Maclean secretary [at] iagarb [dot] com or Catherine Fulbright fulbrightfibers [at] gmail [dot] com


For further questions, contact Alexis Woodbury, IAGARB Color Guide Committee Chair, liliesofthefieldidaho [at] yahoo [dot] com