Using Skype or FaceTime to Certify

The use of Skype and FaceTime have been very popular for those members who aren’t able to attend a Shearing Party or have an IAGARB member or Vet handy to certify their rabbits for Registration.

The ability to use your computer or mobile device to certify has been successful but those who use it must follow the guidelines below.

  1. Contact another current IAGARB member to set up a time to certify.
  2. Notify the Registration Secretary that you plan to use Skype or FaceTime.
  3. Have your rabbit sheared and ready to go. The rabbit should have been immediately shorn to the skin (not the day before),
  4. Show the pedigree to the person certifying so they may verify the pedigree matches the tattoo number in the rabbit’s ears. Both ears should be shown to the person certifying.
  5. The person certifying should be able to see all areas of the rabbit to ascertain complete shearing. If the tattoo numbers or rabbit cannot adequately be viewed, then set up another time to certify. Sometimes the connection is faulty. Keep this in mind and allow for delays.
  6. Once the shearing is verified, the rabbit owner should fill out the Shearing Certificate in the areas indicated including the name and tattoo number of the rabbit(s) certified. All rabbits certified should be on one single sheet (use the back if needed) for each date and person certifying.
  7. The owner then must email or mail the Shearing Certificate to the person who is certifying for their signature and date of certification.
  8. A copy of the certificate along with a copy of the pedigree must be emailed or mailed to the Registration Secretary within 10 days of certification.
  9. Don’t forget to keep all original shearing certs and pedigrees handy as they will be required to accompany the rabbit at the time of Judging. Without them, the rabbit cannotbe judged.

Download the IAGARB Shearing Certificate. This form can be filled out and signed online using Adobe Acrobat.

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