To join IAGARB or renew your membership online, just fill out the form below and click submit. Our ID is paypal at iagarb dot com when using Paypal. Membership dues are $20 per year, which runs from June 1 to May 31. Membership dues cannot be prorated. If you prefer to mail in your form with a check, just print this page and fill it out. Send it to the IAGARB Secretary, Erin Maclean, at the following address:

Erin Maclean, IAGARB Membership, P.O. Box 19782 Sacramento, CA 95819-0782

Email: membership [at] iagarb [dot] com

Don’t forget to enclose your check for payment (made out to IAGARB) if you mail your membership form. By submitting this application, you agree to abide by the IAGARB constitution and the rules of this association. All applications are subject to approval.

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