IAGARB Pedigree Form and Supplemental Color Sheet

Blank German Angora Pedigree



The blank pedigree form is in Adobe Acrobat format, so you must have that installed on your computer in order to open the document. If you do not already have a copy installed on your computer, you may obtain a free copy at:



Supplemental Color Sheet for Pedigrees

IAGARB Supplemental Color Sheet fin


This Supplemental Color Sheet is meant to be attached to the back of an IAGARB Pedigree for those who wish to track the color and IAGARB tested crimp scores of their rabbit’s ancestors and are unable to do so with their current pedigree program.

EVANS PEDIGREE PROGRAM: Evans Rabbit Register, a pedigree program that has been around for decades, now includes and supports the IAGARB style pedigree along with other applications such as registration testing results and wool records. It is available though Evans Software Services.You will need to purchase the 25th Anniversary Edition to use the program. If you already have an older version of Evans installed, there is a small upgrade charge for the Anniversary Edition. ESS will convert your existing IAGARB pedigree program over for you if you like. It operates on a MS Windows platform. Mac users with Intel processors can use a virtualization program such as VMware Fusion and Parallels. It should also work with Boot Camp that is installed on most Macs and MacBooks. These programs allow you to run Windows on your Mac. You will also need to install Windows in the virtualization program.. Some of the Virtualization products available are:

VMWare Fusion



The Evans Rabbit Register is not available for mobile devices, but there is an app available for Android products for Chores and Task mastering only. Several members including me have been working with Dave Evans on a Beta version to work out any bugs and fine tune the program for IAGARB users. I have been very pleased with the new pedigree program and I can see a lot of possibilities for the future with regards to moving our registration and testing into a more electronic format.

Color Designation on Pedigrees: The current IAGARB Pedigree form has no allowance for a record of color backgrounds. Rather than attempting to squeeze minimal color information into an already very full format, a dedicated Supplemental Color Record form has been provided. This is the solution that was unanimously approved at the Boise AGM in 2012. You might notice several new spaces on the Evans IAGARB Pedigree form. Color of the rabbit is now included, along with space for color saturation and crimp. If you own the Evans Pedigree program, color information for all rabbits is already in the Program data, and available for each rabbit. However, color is not shown for ancestors on the pedigree. The information will be available on the Color Record and you are now able to print it out and attach it to back of the pedigrees if you wish.

We are also working with ESS to develop this secondary page to include each ancestor that is on the pedigree. The Color Record has plenty of area to record and track pertinent data such as color and genotype. Colored rabbits, that have been IAGARB tested, will soon be able to include judged scores for color saturation and crimp, pending Standards Committee approval of protocols.