IAGARB at Rhinebeck

IAGARB’s booth at Rhinebeck was awesome! IAGARB had a great sized space and it was full most of the time with people interested in our beautiful angora rabbits and how to care for them. In fact, we had to keep pushing the tables we used as barriers back because the crowds kept pressing them towards us. A large group of people surrounded Susan Wiley while she judged rabbits.

Tony Amodeo of A&J Clippers set up his booth next to us. Most of the people who visited had never seen Aesculap clippers before. It was a great introduction to their superb equipment.

Susan Wiley, Charlene Schultz and Marlene Gruetter took a moment to pose for the camera.

The weather at Rhinebeck was classic for mid-October – bright and cold! Keeping warm with wool was on every one’s mind. Nancy Reid knitted a sweater for Samson’s Pandora out of our 85/15. Pandora looked very stylish! She was an Angora dressed in angora. How cute is that?

It was a really important part of our shearing demonstrations to show that the rabbits must be protected from chilling.

Pandora in her sweater – front view.

Samson’s Pandora in Angora poses by a new product from Aesculap – a cordless, rechargeable clipper. It was very light and easy to maneuver. The cordless was not quite as fast as our Red Clippers but not as heavy either. The cordless clipper is not yet available in North America. It was introduced in Europe only last year. Tony was very kind to let us be the first to try it out. We will share the details about this product as they become available.

Sharon Costello was very generous to donate a prize worth 40.00 for our Rhinebeck registration to winning member Michaele Bailey. The title of the video awarded to Michaele was Featherweight Felt – Making Scarves with Sharon. The video gives “step-by-step instructions for creating 6 lightweight felt scarves using a variety of fibers and innovative techniques.” For a closer look at Sharon’s video, visit www.blacksheepdesigns.com.

Thanks, Sharon!

Here is a post dinner photo of Susan Wiley, Nancy Reid and Pat Spark looking very satisfied after a great dinner at the Mercato Restaurant in Red Hook, New York – just a few miles from the Duchess County Fairgrounds. The Pumpkin Ravioli and Tiramisu were to die for!

It was a really fun dinner. We all exchanged stories of our travels. Nancy has been all over the world. Pat is a (THE) globe trotting felter and Leslie and Susan had tales to tell of their travels.

German angoras awaiting judging at Rhinebeck.

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