Grants Pass Angora Registration

Margie shearing ©2011 Bungalow Farm Angora

The last of the IAGARB Spring shearing events on the West Coast was held at Margie and Al’s May 7 & 8 in Grants Pass Oregon.  The event was well attended with 13 rabbits tested for registration.

Katie and Bungalow Farm's Odessa ©2011 Bungalow Farm Angora

One highlight of many, was Katie’s magnificent doe, Bungalow Farm’s Odessa who managed to ‘squeek out’ 501 g. of wool on a 90 day coat (2004 g./yr)!  It was close, but Odessa now holds the record for highest wool production for a Colored Angora.  Of course there is still the remainder of the year for someone to break this record, but it’s been a longstanding one as Harvest Moon’s Amaryllis has held the record since 2008 (1912 g.).  Odessa now also holds the distinction of being the first colored angora to exceed 2,000 g./yr.  Congratulations to Katie!

The weekend was a lot lot of fun especially since the weather cooperated by not raining (too much).  Good food, good company and fantastic hosts, Margie and Al!

Margie and Raspberry Farm's Grizelda ©2011 Bungalow Farm Angora

Cindy and CT's Anton ©2011 Bungalow Farm Angora

Kyle and Aundi's Storm ©2011 Bungalow Farm Angora

Diana and her black buck ©2011 Bungalow Farm Angora

Bungalow Farm's Brunhilde Reg. 2079 g./yr.©2011 Bungalow Farm Angora

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