IAGARB Celebrating 25 Years!

Seen in Venice! ©L. Samson


No, the IAGARB Annual General Meeting was not in Venice.  But here is one of our members relaxing in Italy just a few days after the AGM.  Lucky girl!The rest of us are more likely here in the States doing more mundane things, but have happy memories of a great time in Boise.  Workshops, registrations, champagne, a fabulous Keynote Speaker, and yes, Joe’s Crab Shack.

Rosalie's Beautiful German Doe Awaiting Shearing ©E. Maclean

Jane and Leslie admiring Jane's scarf in the Scribble Lace Workshop © E. Maclean

Leslie Demonstrating a Hold While Shearing © E. Maclean



Rosalie Demonstrating Her Shearing Method in the Shearing Workshop

Sheri Examining a Rabbit During Judging

Angora Wool Grading Workshop with Leslie © E. Maclean

Meeting Time

Dinner at Joe's Crab Shack on the Boise River © R. Truong


Waiting Her Turn in the Shearing Workshop © R. Truong

Katie and Molly at Joe's © R. Truong

Rosalie's Handknit Dress in Silver Blizzard. Well Done, Rosalie!

Celebrating 25 Years with a Little Bubbly © R. Truong

Wool Grading Workshop

Rosalie showing how it's done in the Shearing Workshop

Dr. Cheeke and IAGARB Secretary, Leslie Samson at the Luncheon



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