October 27-29, 2012
What a Great Weekend for IAGARB! Simultaneous Angora Events celebrated German Angora Rabbits and Fiber.
On the East Coast at SAFF, in the Midwest at Ann Arbor, and on the West Coast in Silverton, Oregon, IAGARB members, guests and the public all shared in the Angora Experience.


Southern Animal Fiber Fair, Asheville, North Carolina

Sally Campbell, Erin Maclean and Leslie Samson set up a successful display of angora goods and information. Sally brought her gorgeous rabbits. Erin fielded questions from the public and Leslie demonstrated shearing.

Sally C. and Galina K. at SAFF

Admiring German Angora Finished Goods At SAFF

At the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Susan Wiley exhibited her German Angora products and IAGARB information.
Photos to come!
West Coast Regional IAGARB Registration and Workshops, Silverton, Oregon
IAGARB President, Gail Smith, went all out to sponsor an exciting weekend of Rabbit Judging, a Color Genetics Workshop by Candy Haenszel, plus food, fun and great camaraderie. Vice President Sheri Cormier flew out from Maine and was joined by Alexis W., Rosalie T., Margie B., Ali T., Carrie C., Sage, Molly, Kyle, Vickie, Katie M., Carrie A., and Diana C., along with others. 20 angora rabbits were tested and 14 registered.
In addition, Candy Haenszelwas a featured speaker and conducted an Angora Color Workshop.
Candy Haenszel’s Color Workshop

Shearing, Testing, Registering and Hanging Out

Sage Modeling Carrie Allen's Beautiful Angora Scarf

Sage Modeling Carrie Allen’s Beautiful Angora Scarf


Another Important Part of an IAGARB Shearing and Registration Party!

Another Fine Weekend in Silverton!
©2012 R. Truong

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