Look for IAGARB at these Events!

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, Fletcher, NC

Fiber Festival of New England, W. Springfield, MA

*Note to all members – You are not restricted to registration in your district. For example if someone in California (District 2) wishes to participate in the November registration held in Oregon, (District 1), they are free to do so. Although attendance at your district shearing party is the easiest way to certify shearing, you may also certify with your vet or another IAGARB member.   IAGARB Shearing Cert new7-12

Upcoming Events, Shearing Parties and IAGARB Registrations:

December 13, 2014March 14, 2015Holden MainePenny Rice
District 7 Director
January 17, 2015
Registration Only
Registration only for rabbits certified no earlier than October 18, 2014.Silverton Grange HallCatherine Fulbright
District 1 Director
January 24, 2015April 24, 25 2015
2015 AGM
Silverton Grange HallCatherine Fulbright
March 8, 2015
Certification Only
June 7, 2015Windsor, Maine
Penny Rice
District 7 Director
March 14, 2015
Registration only, no certification
No future registration event for this oneAcker's Acres Angoras
New Gloucester, Maine
Penny Rice
April 24 and 25, 2015
Registration only
For rabbits certified no earlier than January 24, 2015IAGARB Annual General Meeting, Silverton Grange Hall, OregonCatherine Fulbright
June 7, 2015
Fiber Frolic
September 6, 2015Windsor, MainePenny Rice
September 6, 2015December 6, 2015TBAPenny Rice

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