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2009 Winners
The winners of the IAGARB Pattern Contest have been awarded! The six lovely patterns were submitted using the wonderful Blizzard and Frost yarns. Our judge was an experienced fiber artist outside of the IAGARB realm. She chose two winners from the patterns, and gave good reviews for each of the patterns along with her reasoning for her choices.

For the best use of one skein of IAGARB Co-op yarn, the winner was “The Varna,” a beautiful scarf submitted by Melanie Smith.

For the best use of two skeins of our yarn, the prize went to “Chilly Waves Shrug’lette,” submitted by Molly Golter.
There were no submissions for the best use of three skeins this year. The judge’s review shared that these two patterns showed off the beautiful angora halo by their use of an airy lacy pattern.