AGM Program Change: Dr. Peter Cheeke

Dr. Peter Cheeke, 2012 IAGARB AGM Keynote Speaker


We have had a change of program. Dr. Peter Cheeke,Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University,has agreed to be our Special Program Speaker on Sunday, April 22, 2012. We extend our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Dr. German.

Among the many books Dr. Cheeke has written, co-authored or edited are: Rabbit Production with Drs. Patton, Lukefar and McNitt; Rabbit Feeding and Nutrition, Natural Toxicants in Feeds, Forages and Poisonous Plants 2nd Edition, Applied Animal Nutrition: Feeds and Feeding 3rd Edition, and Contemporary Issues in Animal Agriculture.

We are very grateful that Dr. Cheeke has made time in his schedule for us. For those of you who did not have an opportunity to hear Dr. Cheeke at our Michigan AGM in 2010, do not miss this chance! We have asked Dr. Cheeke to emphasize some of the many valuable points he made during his last presentation to us.

One of the most significant was a simple statement – “Rabbits are herbivores not seed-eaters.” Learn what really happens inside a rabbit’s gut when grains and high energy supplements are introduced to its diet.

We’ve all heard the wives’ tale that “if hair is protein, then angoras will grow more hair on a high protein diet.” Dr. Cheeke will explain what the chemical components of hair actually are and what protein level is most suitable for healthy coat production.

We have asked Dr. Cheeke to devote some of his talk to Pasteurella multodica – what it is, how it becomes active, how to decrease its influence in our rabbitries.

Many of us have already made Dr. Cheeke’s YQ+ part of our daily feeding regime. Increase your YQ IQ. Learn why is this stuff so wonderful, how it benefits digestion, improves immunity and why it is so palatable. (It really does taste good!)

Do not miss this very special presentation at our 25th Anniversary AGM!

9:00 am – 10:30 am – IAGARB AGM business meeting

10:30 to 12:00 Dr. Cheeke’s Presentation

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – Luncheon – Idaho Potato Bar / Buffet
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – Dr. Cheeke’s Presentation Continued

2:00 pm Continuation of IAGARB Business meeting and Awards

Price –
For IAGARB Members, Dr. Cheeke’s Presentation is included with the AGM Luncheon.
For non-members, Luncheon and Presentation – 40.00
For non-members with student ID – 30.00


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