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Announcing the Newest Yarn from our Co-op: An Extraordinary Lace Weight Yarn – 85% Angora / 15% Cormo Wool. Like all of our other yarns, Prime Shorn Angora has been blended with wool to create a yarn that is a joy to knit. The yardage is approximately 220 yds. per oz. It is a single ply yarn suitable for lace knitting and crochet.


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Our yarn tester, Sylvia Becker, an expert lace knitter with decades of experience, put this yarn through it’s paces and has this to say:

For starters, the sample yarn I received was wound and tied in the optimal way to minimize waste and maximize the speed of winding. Not even a breath of a tangle as I unwound and balled with the loop hanging from my wrist, no swift required.

The yarn is perfectly clean, not sparking any of my fragrance or soap allergies (thank you!).

The grist is uniform, no thin spots, no slubs, with evenly distributed twist. I did a drift test and could not pull apart the yarn with a steady lengthwise pull. Very nice for a singles.

The fiber itself is beautiful, a fine Cormo with decent tensile strength and a lustrous German angora with sheen and a soft halo.

Snowdrop Scarf (copy)

Another IAGARB first, our Lace Yarn will be available this Fall only from participating members. Please visit the Angora Wool Co-op pages to learn more about the other yarns in our product line or to learn more about our 100% volunteer run co-op.

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