IAGARB Angora Wool Co-op Yarns

With a co-operative spirit, IAGARB Members offer excellent products.


Santa Barbara Sweater Vest original design for Samson Angoras. Photo Leslie Samson

IAGARB Co-op Yarns and Products are the luxurious result of a marriage of beauty and science. Our yarns have earned a long list of devoted knitters.

We clip a full 90-day coat (3 to 4 inches staple). The uniform length of synchronized wool growth makes IAGARB yarns stable and shed resistant with a fuzzy halo as soft as a bunny.

Working through a 100% volunteer co-operative venture, our members have processed and sold over a ton of prime, domestically produced German Angora wool. Our wool is humanely shorn. We have never accepted plucked angora.

Members, who offer our co-op products, comply with IAGARB’s strict quality controls for consistent texture and grading. We have an additional list for Angora hand-spinning and felting supplies.

IAGARB Co-op Yarns and Products

Available Yarn

Angora hand-spinning and felting supplies

The links on the following pages are provided for informational purposes only. IAGARB does not endorse any services, stock or sales practices of the members listed. IAGARB bears no responsibility and will be held entirely harmless for any resultant contacts or sales. Disputes will be resolved between the involved parties. Buyers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Registration Procedures before purchasing from anyone.

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