Another Wool Record is Broken!

Carrie and her fabulous German doe, Harvest Moon's Esperanza

At the IAGARB Annual General Meeting registration held April 4, 2009 in Silverton, Oregon, the North American Wool Production record was broken.  Carrie’s fabulous doe, Harvest Moon’s Esperanza produced a total of 571 grams in a certified 90-day clip.  This is an annual total of 2284 grams!  The previous record was held by Bungalow Farm’s Furrari (2054 grams).  In addition,  Carrie brought three other German does (littermates) that each produced over 2,000 grams.  Way to go Carrie!

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  1. Kim says:

    This is REALLY great to see all the faces I miss when I can’t go to the shearing parties! What a great looking bunch of fuzzy folks! I have met a few of you, and I recognize Margie, Al, and Carrie. Molly I believe is someone I’ve been chatting with on line, and Alexis has a friend who has one of my precious bunnies. Nice to be able to put a face to those I chat with occasionally! Sure hope to get to one of these parties soon!

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