rosalie farm


Thursday, April 14:

12:00 pm:  Advanced Rabbit Registration Testing

For those arriving early, there will be the opportunity to test rabbits for registration.  All registration testing will be held at Rosalie’s farm in Labadie.  Feel free to come and watch if you like.

If you plan on testing rabbits on Thursday, please let Erin Maclean, Registration Secretary know as soon as possible.

5:00-ish:  Meet and Greet Social

Dinner on our own 

Friday, April 15:

10 am to 4 pm:   Registration Testing 

11 am to 12:30 pm:  Judges Seminar, Focus on Standard

1:30 to 2:30:  Judges Seminar, Focus on Wool

5 pm to 6 pm:  Dr. David Messina “German Angora Gene Sequencing”


Saturday, April 16:

10 am to 4 pm:  Rabbit Registration Testing

9 am to 4 pm:  Angora Dyeing Workshop with Rosalie

10 am to 4 pm:  Judges Test

4 pm:  Clean Up

6 pm:  Farm to Fork Dinner with Chef Guthier at the Farm


Sunday, April 17:

9 am to 12 pm:   IAGARB General Meeting and Awards to 1 pm

12 pm  to 1 pm:  Lunch

1 pm to 3 pm:  Guest Speaker, Ken Gossard “Hands on Rabbit Insemination”





Molly, demonstrating her expert judges knowledge during her Triennial Judges retesting.

Every time you select your rabbits for breeding, every time you buy a rabbit and every time you decide which rabbit in a litter to keep and which one to sell – you become the judge of your own rabbitry.

This is a class offered to all of our members. It is open to anyone interested in learning more about German Angoras and the IAGARB system of judging.

In this class we will learn about the history of the German Angora in Europe and how it was selected over decades to be the wool producing Uber-Angora admired around the world for its superior fiber production. You will learn about the German goal setting system of quantifiable evaluation.

We will move step by step through the procedures of an IAGARB judging and registration. You will be better prepared to participate in our performance testing. As well, this information will help to conduct similar daily assessments in your own barn.

Fee for Class: $30.


If you have been an IAGARB member for 3 consecutive years as of April 2016 and if there is a need, based on membership, for judges in your district, you may apply for the Judge’s Test.

Fee for Test $30.



Full Immersion into Angora Dyeing


Have you ever wanted to try dyeing but were too afraid? Have you already tried dyeing fiber but have not gotten the results you wanted? What is different about dyeing angora fiber versus other animal fiber?

Come learn at this full day dye workshop. Rosalie will emphasize the low immersion technique that she has mastered over the past 28 yrs.  We will focus on dyeing Angora fiber but our discussion will encompass other animal fibers. Participants will have a full immersion experience with learning how to make dyes, prepare the fiber, and finally dye the fiber. We will dye angora fiber in its various unprocessed and spun forms and finish with dyeing a pair of angora socks that each participant gets to take home. The class is open all levels of dyers whether you are a beginner or have dabbled in dyeing.

Fee for Class:  $80 for IAGARB members, $90 for non-IAGARB members, all materials

Saturday, April 14, 9-4, with a lunch break

What to bring and what to wear:

N-90 Mask to measure dye, a pair of gloves, towel, plastic bag to bring your socks home, 6 disposable drinking plastic cups to mix dye in, a sharpie marker, notebook, a pen, a timer.

Dyeing is fun and very physical. You should wear clothes you don’t mind getting stained, even an apron if you wish. Because there will be some amount of standing throughout the day, wear good shoes.

For lunch, there is a good sandwich shop in Labadie or you can bring your own lunch and eat by the lake.

Bring a knitting/ crochet project (in angora if you can) to show and tell while we are waiting for the dye to cook.

If you are in St. Louis or from Missouri, we would much appreciate it if you could bring your own chair.


Dr. David Messina:  “German Angora Gene Sequencing” 

Messina headshot normal 20160104

Dr. David Messina has spent the last 19 years working in computational biology and genetics. He trained in molecular biology and human genetics at the University of Chicago and Washington University in St. Louis and earned his PhD in computational biology in Erik Sonnhammer’s lab in Stockholm, Sweden. He worked for 3 years at the Washington University Genome Institute developing software used for annotation, assembly assessment, and comparative sequence analysis. Dr. Messina joined Cofactor Genomics in 2012, where he now serves as Chief Operating Officer.

No Fee.  

Ken Gossard, DVM:  “Hands on Rabbit Artificial Insemination”

izzy lamb

Guest Speaker, AGM, Sunday, April 17, 1-3 pm

I became interested in Artificial insemination at a young age, watching my father using semen from bulls from 20 years prior.  This fascinated me, that genetic material could be used long after the male had passed on.  While growing older, watched as the genetics of the livestock industry gained by leaps and bounds.  With the use of AI, one can mold their breeding plan into a finely tuned program.  I have used AI in cattle, sheep, goats and also rabbits.  Picking the best males from over the world to breed to the females.

With this fascination, I continued into college to learn more about the reproduction of animals.  Ending up obtaining my Masters in Reproduction and Genetics.  While the little kid in me still begs to play mad scientists with genetics, and creating AI procedures that livestock producers can use on the farm.  I want the average person to be able to breed the best animals in the lease amount of time by the use of AI and genetic selection. Having worked with Whole Foods Market rabbit producers, I have set up breeding programs with the producers to be able to meet the demand of the marketplace.

With the use of AI, we are sharing the genetics within the co-op of producers, to create a uniform product. Dealing with the number of several thousand females in production, we are setting up EBV (estimated breeding values) system to use for mating on the females, to produce the maximum yield with the least inputs.

Growing up on a production livestock farm, I started to see the advantage of the use of AI.  Being common place in the dairy cattle world, I have taken the knowledge learned there into other species.  Rabbits with their short generations, they were the perfect animal for the gains.

After graduation with a Masters in Animal Reproduction/Genetics from University of Wisconsin, I have set out to help expose people to the use of artificial insemination in their breeding programs.  With the use of use of AI, people are able to gain faster genetic gains in the offspring in fewer generations.

Fee for Seminar:  $20 includes lunch


The Wildwood Hotel

The Wildwood Hotel

As previously announced, accommodations have been arranged for IAGARB members at the Wildwood Hotel.  All AGM events will be held at Rosalie’s Grand Army Farm, near Labadie, MO.  For reservations at the Wildwood Hotel, you can contact the hotel directly.  IAGARB has reserved a block of rooms at a rate of $90 + tx  per night.  This rate will be available to members only until March 15th.  Please book before then to obtain that special rate.  Pet friendly rooms are available.

To Register, please follow this link:



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The IAGARB Annual General Meeting is scheduled for April 15 through 17 at Rosalie Truong’s farm near St. Louis, Mo. Our host hotel is The Wildwood Hotel about 30 minutes west of St. Louis and about 15 minutes from Rosalie’s farm.  All events will take place at the farm.  Check back soon for more information on workshops, rabbit registration times, special events and speakers.

The Wildwood Hotel

The Wildwood Hotel

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Wishing everyone a very merry season!

Wishing everyone a very merry season!

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Another great year at SAFF, October 30-Nov. 1, 2015 near Asheville, North Carolina.  So much fun because this year, it fell on Halloween!  Both fairgoers and vendors in costume, which made it all that more fun.  It was a busy weekend

Wool Show and Sale

Wool Show and Sale


District 9 Director Kim and daughter Connie in the IAGARB booth.


Jesse from The Woolery being scary.

Jesse from The Woolery being scary.


Carolyn showing off her gorgeous angora shawl!

District 6 member Carolyn showing off her gorgeous angora shawl!

IAGARB Angora on Display

IAGARB Angora on Display


A trip to nearby iconic Sierra Nevada Brewery in Mills River, NC.

The parting glass at SN Brewery after a wonderful weekend.

The parting glass at SN Brewery after a wonderful weekend.

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Save the Date – December 5 and 6 in/around Portland, Maine Weekend of Workshops and IAGARB Certification and Registration


Cumberland County Cooperative Extension

75 Clearwater Drive, Suite 104

Falmouth, Maine 04105

Block of hotel rooms are set aside at a rate of $69 per night – call and make your reservation today! Mention the IAGARB Certification/Registration Group to get this rate. Deadline is Nov 3. **A pet friendly hotel**

Clarion Hotel of Portland Maine

1230 Congress St, Portland, Maine 04102


Save your Spot Today, Space is Limited for these Two Amazing Workshops

  • All-day Felted Hat Workshop with Leslie Samson, President of IAGARB – see description below
  • All-day Felted Mittens Workshop with Leslie Samson, President of IAGARB – see description below
  • Opportunity to buy and sell 100% German Angora Rabbits – all weekend
  • Certify rabbits for the next IAGARB Registration March 6, 2016 – on Sunday
  • Register rabbits that were IAGARB certified not before September 6 with IAGARB judges, Leslie Samson and Michaele Bailey on Sunday


Contacts and questions:

Michaele Bailey, IAGARB Vice President and Judge

Penny Rice, IAGARB District 7 Director (207)991-8065                                                                                                              (207)843-0711

email: basketfulofbunnies [at] gmail [dot] com

email: penny [at] hillsiderabbitry [dot] com


WORKSHOP PRICES AND DESCRIPTIONS: $100 for one or $150 for both. Space is limited to 15 per workshop.



Like magic! Take loose, soft, fluffy natural fibers and transform them into a wearable hat in less than one day. Felt hats are wind-proof, water resistant, lightweight and comfortably warm.

This is a new way to make a hat that is easy, predictable and a joy to design. In fact, design options are nearly limitless and very simple to incorporate into your hat. They include fabric lamination, felted in beads, spikes, curls and color, color, color!

We will be working with angora /wool blends that will yield a dense yet warm felt that will last for many years. We will use both needle felting and wet felting techniques.


felted hat


Level: No previous experience necessary

Class Max: 15

Students will bring: If you have some beads you would like to use, bring them, a beading needle and beading string. Please bring a sushi mat. Everything else will be provided. The class includes felting needles which are your to keep. Please bring a hard sided container in which you can safely take your needles home.




felted mitts


Be ready for next winter’s icy blast. Felted mittens will keep your fingers toasty. Our mittens will be made with a blend of frosty white Angora and Merino wool.

Emphasis will be placed on controlled technique to make the mittens comfortably lightweight and easy to wear.

The thumbs of these mittens are fitted especially well because they are formed at the base of the palm instead of at its side. The fit is always perfect for the person who made them. Easy to wash up in the

kitchen sink. Very durable! Wildly bizarre gauntlets, sturdy ski mitts or pretty protection for winter walks, you will select the character of the pair you make. You may choose to decorate your mittens with three-dimensional curly-locks and / or colored inlay designs


Level: No previous experience necessary

Class Max: 15

Students will bring: Nada – Everything will be provided.

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Scenes from the 2015 IAGARB AGM

This gallery contains 11 photos.


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silver falls
Silver Falls, Gateway to Silver Falls State Park, Silverton, Oregon

We look forward to your attendance at the IAGARB 2015 Annual General meeting in Silverton, Oregon April 24 – 26. We have a full agenda planned for you.

All activities will take place at the Silverton Grange Hall, 201 Division St., Silverton, Oregon. IAGARB has reserved a block of King Rooms at the Oregon Garden Resort at a reduced rate. This rate will be in effect until March 23, 2015. Please see further down for the information regarding the Resort and booking your room.

AGM Registration forms are included in the Newsletter and  HERE.


Friday, April 24

10am – 12pm


Every time you select your rabbits for breeding, every time you buy a rabbit and every time you decide which rabbit in a litter to keep and which one to sell – you become the judge of your own rabbitry.

This is a class offered to all of our members. It is open to anyone interested in learning more about German Angoras and the IAGARB system of judging.

In this class we will learn about the history of the German Angora in Europe and how it was selected over decades to be the wool producing Uber-Angora admired around the world for its superior fiber production. You will learn about the German goal setting system of quantifiable evaluation.

We will move step by step through the procedures of an IAGARB judging and registration. You will be better prepared to participate in our performance testing. As well, this information will help to conduct similar daily assessments in your own barn.

Fee for Class: $30.

Break for lunch: BYOL



Friday Afternoon, 1-4 pm.

If you have been an IAGARB member for 3 consecutive years as of April 2015 and if there is a need, based on membership, for judges in your district, you may apply for the Judge’s Test.

Currently there are openings for 2 judge’s in District 1. Districts 5, 7, and 9 each have openings for one judge.

Fee for Test $30. (The application form is in this issue)



Judge Erin Maclean

Kindly familiarize yourself with Registration Requirements

Please note:

Only healthy animals will be permitted to stay in the Grange Hall. Any rabbits with clinical signs of disease or any infectious condition will be immediately removed by the owner.

Rabbits may stay overnight at the Grange Hall. Any overnight rabbits must be housed in comfortable caging. Small carriers are not acceptable.

Owners will provide protective warmth for shorn animals. Owners will be responsible for the care of their animals and the sanitary conditions of their carrying cages.

Comments and questions to the judge are not appropriate during an evaluation.


Friday afternoon, 2-3 pm.

This is a free class.

Friday dinner on your own.

Saturday, April 25

We have planned three concurrent activities at the Grange Hall.

1. Judging and Registration Testing will start at 9 am

2. For Knitters: Patty Spor Beckman / Beginning Lace Knitting

3. For Felters: Leslie Samson/ Angora Blended Felted Yardage


1.) 9:00am – 4 pm            JUDGING AND REGISTRATION TESTING

Same rules as Friday

Judges: Alexis Woodbury, Molly Golter, Erin Maclean


2.) 9:30 am – 4 pm             BEGINNING LACE KNITTING, Patty Spor Beckman


Snowdrop Scarf (copy)

Fee: $50 all day workshop
$25 materials fee includes yarn, pattern and handouts

Lace Knitting is simply decreases and increases placed into a pleasing pattern. It’s an easy way to make something beautiful out of any sized yarn with appropriately sized needles.

We will touch on how to read charts and learn a few tips to make your lace knitting easier and more enjoyable. I will supply some charts and written instructions for making a sampler scarf using several patterns or you can decide to use only one. We should be able to make some headway on a scarf that you can finish later. We will discuss how to dress your lace knitting to make the pattern show up beautifully.

For IAGARB Members with 85% angora lace yarn, the class is an excellent way to gain expertise with your product.

Requirements: Students must know how to knit. Knowing how to read charts is a plus but not neccessary. Please bring a selection of needles in size 3-7 or 8 range. Some needles will be available for purchase.

Patty taught herself to knit over 47 years ago. She learned that she had a natural talent for intarsia, Aran sweaters, and lace. It was after knitting several “Feather and Fan” patterned afghans and two lace table cloths that she decided that she really loved to knit lace. Patty is now eager to share her knowledge with you.

Patty learned to spin her own yarns about 35 years ago. That inspiration quickly lead to raising sheep to provide her with wool. Shortly thereafter, she created a business of providing carded batts for spinners along with handspun and hand dyed yarns. She raised Shetland sheep, Black Welsh Mountain sheep, llamas, alpacas and several angora rabbits through the years.

She now resides in Brookings, Oregon, enjoying the mild weather and wonderful scenery.


3.) 9:30 am- 4 pm                     INSTANT FELTED YARDAGE, Leslie Samson



Learn how to make fabric that will turn this,

Into that:


This class will be of particular interest to producers who wish to offer value added goods from their angora fiber. Because of it’s fine diameter, Angora is particularly well suited for laminated fabric.

This class will show you how to quickly transform your carded fiber into ready to cut and sew fabric. In one day, we will produce a length of felted yardage that would have taken days to spin, warp and weave. The finished yardage will be surprisingly light and flexible yet have the strength and structure of a warp and weft. It is easier than you might think to become a fabric designer!

No previous experience necessary. All you need to bring to class is your good energy. Class limit 6.

Fee: $80 (this includes a materials fee which covers prepared angora blend batting, silk yardage, all supplies and tools used for this workshop).

Saturday Evening:

Let’s get together for dinner at the Creekside Grill, Silverton. Chef Rader took excellent care of us last year!

We have made a limited number of reservations for 7 pm. Please let us know if you plan to attend. We want to make sure there is space for everyone.


Sunday, April 26

9 am to Noon

IAGARB Annual General Meeting

Our business meeting will begin promptly at 9 am. Annual Awards will follow.  Meeting is free.

Lunch will be a buffet of soup, salads, and sandwiches. Price for the luncheon and speaker is $20.


AGM Special Program Speaker, Dr. Mark Burgess
1 to 3 pm

Exotic animal specialist, Dr. Mark Burgess, is an outstanding source of information for rabbits. He was our special program speaker in 2009. We are delighted to have him back for a return engagement. His topic will be rabbit diseases, their clinical symptoms and treatments. We have requested a focus on the Encephalitozoon cuniculi and Coccidiosis.

CLEAN UP! When the speaker is finished, everyone needs to pitch in and clean up. Clean your area, sweep your fuzz, and pack up your rabbits. Let’s all work together to leave the Grange Hall in better condition than when we arrived.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, all day

An opportunity to buy and sell Angora rabbits has been organized for the weekend. We will use the same rules as those approved by vote at the 2008 AGM for the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Show.

Open to all IAGARB members who attend the AGM. You will be notified by the Committee before the event regarding availability of space for your rabbits. Preference will be given to those members who have registered for the AGM first.

Mail or email form is provided below in the Winter 2015 Newsletter, or you can use the online form provided on the IAGARB website under AGM Registration.

These are common sense rules intended to give our members equal opportunity.
1. Sellers must be IAGARB Members.

2. All angora rabbits will be checked for clinical signs of disease. Any animal deemed unhealthy must leave the premises.

3. Minimum age will be 12 weeks. Pedigrees are required.

4. Maximum number of angora rabbits offered by a member may not exceed four unless limited by the facility. This does not include pre-arranged deliveries when the rabbits will not need to stay onsite.

5. Any angora rabbit on the premises, whether for testing, shearing or sale, must be housed by its owner in clean and humanely sized cages. The rabbits must be able to turn around and have both food and water available to them at all times.

Due to the limited amount of space, we only have room for about 20 rabbits and their caging. Please note on your registration form how many rabbits you would like to bring. We will try and accommodate everyone as much as possible. No tailgate sales please.

Accommodations: Oregon Garden Resort


IAGARB has reserved a block of rooms at the Oregon Garden Resort in Silverton. The rooms available to us are rooms with King beds. The rate is $109 per night. They are large rooms and all have refrigerators, microwaves, fireplaces, and private patio or deck.

If you wish to reserve a room at the negotiated discount rate, use the Code published in the Newsletter.

This rate will be in effect until March 23, 2015.

You can call the resort directly to reserve: 503-874-2500 or toll free: 800-966-6490 or reserve online:

All rooms come with a complimentary breakfast and admission to the Oregon Garden.


To register for the AGM please go to the AGM REGISTRATION page here.  You can register online with the form on that page using Paypal, credit or debit card, or print out and mail in the form in the Newsletter with your check.

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With a co-operative spirit, IAGARB Members offer excellent products.


Santa Barbara Sweater Vest original design for Samson Angoras. Photo Leslie Samson

IAGARB Co-op Yarns and Products are the luxurious result of a marriage of beauty and science. Our yarns have earned a long list of devoted knitters.

We clip a full 90-day coat (3 to 4 inches staple). The uniform length of synchronized wool growth makes IAGARB yarns stable and shed resistant with a fuzzy halo as soft as a bunny.

Working through a 100% volunteer co-operative venture, our members have processed and sold over a ton of prime, domestically produced German Angora wool. Our wool is humanely shorn. We have never accepted plucked angora.

Members, who offer our co-op products, comply with IAGARB’s strict quality controls for consistent texture and grading. We have an additional list for Angora hand-spinning and felting supplies.

IAGARB Co-op Yarns and Products

Available Yarn

Angora hand-spinning and felting supplies

The links on the following pages are provided for informational purposes only. IAGARB does not endorse any services, stock or sales practices of the members listed. IAGARB bears no responsibility and will be held entirely harmless for any resultant contacts or sales. Disputes will be resolved between the involved parties. Buyers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Registration Procedures before purchasing from anyone.

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Announcing the Midwest December Shearing Party/Workshop Furlough

 Exquisitely Angora Farms is delighted to host a weekend fun of angora rabbit fun and workshop. Internationally acclaimed Artist and current IAGARB President Leslie Samson will come from the cold Canadian north to teach us about angora management and 2 felting workshops.

Location: Grand Army Farm in Labadie, MO, 1 hr west of St. Louis.


Friday December 12:

Angora Management Class 1-5 pm

Rosalie doe

Teacher : Leslie Samson, Cost: $30

Help your Angora rabbits become all that they can be! In this class you will learn strategies used by European breeders that you can apply to maximize the genetic potential of any Angora rabbit. While the methods presented will focus on the development of the Angora in Germany, information about improved wool harvesting methods, breeding selection, temperature control and feeding is applicable to all Angoras.

The central question, which we will discuss, is this – Europeans started with the same commercial stock that North Americans did about sixty years ago. At that time, Angoras produced roughly half a pound of wool a year. Today, North American Angoras, from lines that do not include newly imported blood, have improved slightly to an average of around one pound per annum. The European record is set at just over five pounds of luxurious Angora fiber. How did they manage that?

Many of the answers can be found in the German style of judging which put breeding selection on the fast track to create the most enviable “Uber” Angora in the world.

In this class, we will study methods to benefit angora fiber producers. Cost of production is another vital topic, which we will cover. What is your wool to feed ratio? IAGARB registration procedures will be explained. Be prepared for copious information and spirited discussion!

Participants will need to bring: Paper and pen for notes and a list of 20 characteristics that describe your perfect Angora rabbit.

Level: No previous experience necessary.

Class Max: 20


Saturday December 13:

Registration and free shearing demo starting at 0900 AM.

Lunch on your own

Felted Flower Workshop: 1-5 pm

felted flower bouquet

Teacher: Leslie Samson,

Cost, including materials: $45

Express your love of flowers and natural fibers at the same time. The objective of this class is to be able to create botanically accurate, recognizable, firmly felted flowers. These blossoms are beautiful as one of kind trims on hats, as jewelry, 3-Dimensional elements in tapestries or as elements in traditional floral arrangements.

We will use both needled and wet felt techniques. Using original patterns designed by the instructor, the participants will make a morning glory, a rose and leaves. If time permits, additional patterns for poinsettias, daffodils, sweet peas, violets and iris will be available. This is a very relaxed and light-hearted class. Includes patterns, a felting needle, and fiber supplies. The instructor has considerable experience as a professional floral designer and will make suggestions for arrangement and presentation of your flowers.

Level: No previous experience necessary

Saturday Dinner $20/person:

Deviled Quail eggs

Farm Fresh curry goat and rabbit stew or baked chicken


Sunday December 14:

8-9 AM

Lakeside Sunrise meditation

Enjoy a walk around the lake

Warm yourself with a farm fresh warm breakfast ($10/person)


Bubble Scarf Workshop 9-4pm

Teacher: Leslie Samson, Cost, including materials: $90

bubble scarf

This class offers a fascinating technique for distinctive textures in felt. Because we will work with a premium angora / wool pre-felt, much of the basic work will be done for you. You will be able to spend all of your time focusing on manipulating the surface of your piece into a jaw-dropping scarf. The skills that you learn in this class can be applied to hats, purses, garments and sculptures.

We will use both needle and wet felting to create the scarves.Lunch on your own

Classes fill up fast so don’t delay! Fees must be received to hold reservation.

Contact: Rosalie Truong, email: truongr [at] me [dot] com, cell: 314-302-7454

Limited modest accommodations are available in the farmhouse for those wishing to spend the night. $50/night/ room, occupancy 2 person per room, private bathroom

Warm breakfast available.

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SEPTEMBER 19-21, 2014


Michaele and Penny examining a rabbit during an educational judging demo.


Good crowds most of the day – about 15 people at a time. Some would drift out and some would come in.



Common Ground is a huge fair that celebrates organic farming in Maine.



The Maine Cheese tent was very popular. I had to wait in a long line to get it. It was worth it.

The show had a tangible spirit. It was very positive and nurturing. The show is in its 38th year and still going stronger than ever.

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